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Solar RV cycling log April 1st. Nicest April 1st ever?

The lessons of the last month keep on blooming, being confirmed, and giving more gifts.

On the foundation of the major lessons of the last month new excellent growth continues to come. So do the bugs, mosquitoes, the gnats, but that's another story.

Yes, a conventional bicycle rotated back 30°, no, not 30 degrees, 50°? It seems so based on today. How to do that? Shoulders neck and headway way way back. Not uncomfortable. But so different than months now. But there was a time several years ago....

And this so that the thrust of the thighs can be higher, fairly naturally. Does not feel contrived, just different. This posture and the focus is that the knees target and land at 50 degrees. And remembering the lift of the thighs as both the Timer and the aimer makes it possible. Amazing. Quite fluid, quite nice, quite sustainable it seems. Quite relaxed.

In this last 40% of the journey another idea combining with this is to focus the eyes way down the road to help keep the 50° target achievable. Not sure how this will play out but it seems reasonable.

Notice the new graph of the metrics. Things seem to have saludar find where this makes sense. And where elements are in fact an error this can help them be seen more concrete Lee and quickly.

And now in this last 20% of the journey tonight, a new refinement. The imagery is of the forward and back traveling shaft on an old steam locomotive driving the wheels. And a central part of this is for the very first time some notion that the shins are the part of the machinery with no power to itself but a necessary piece to smoothly transfer that rotating power from the engine. This is occurring in part do to the 50% spoken of above. 50 degree. Which although not straightforward is close enough that it has invited this comparison. The thighs are the driving force but their timing and increasing degree of pressure relates to driving those shaft, shins, forward in a fluid rational means.

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