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Pt. 1.Solar RV cycling log April 29th. F****** fascinating morning. Game-changing? Maybe.

The Revelation last night was that there is a layer between James and the physics of this machine, the electrical drive and its unique characteristics. This is not a slam on the electronics. But it is eye opening for James. Long ago he recalled this but it presents itself quite differently when all of his exertions are in severe climbing, a wonderful thing, but a different game itself.
As James should know by now and anyone following these logs, this is quite a rabbit hole trying to figure out how the body can achieve the clarity it wants in moving this vehicle. Maybe last night and this morning are not game-changing. But there is a substantial chance that they are a ganttic step forward.
This body and the soul of James, too, love truth and will pay almost any price to get close to it. It is a central yearning of the Soul.
There are capacities to tune the electronic system of this vehicle which James has thought little about and changed just a little about overtime. Overtime now he will probably try to learn more.
But even without doing so given the revelation of last night it seems that this morning James is dramatically more able to avoid being sucked in by the teasing that the electrical system does to cheat. This system is extremely responsive but not perfectly so. So on the most powerful part of the stroke it seems to have a orientation to take the Q and to sustain the power beyond what was actually delivered by the legs for a brief period in time. This disguises the reality of the physical movement of the vehicle. And in a way it entices the body to cheat, to find the way to trigger the motor to do that additional 'free' propulsion. Now, it does not cheat on the journey, but on the individual stroke which actually is tremendously frustrating and fatiguing to the body in hindsight, over the course of the journey. Profoundly inefficient.
If this all proves to be true this is a gigantic breakthrough. If this turns out to be correct it could be a gigantic  Monumental, simplification of the whole puzzle that James body is trying to solve. The primary importance is freeing James mind and soul to focus on study, listening to articles and books as he travels. It is desired that the whole process of moving the vehicle become automatic. This may be huge.
James has been struggling mightily in recent days to find an optimal seat positioning. Some or most of the urgency of this may well be a result of being fooled by the overly creative electronic system. This morning with relatively an acute awareness of this without optimizing the seating from last night, the body is much much much much much much more settled and less frustrated.
Other fun Revelations this morning.
James is remembering that he has a heater that is extremely versatile and responsive. The pictures indicate that the weather is not the typical sunny weather here. It's raining periodically. Not hard. And it is damp and chilly. All of a sudden James remembered, he has a heater. At this particular moment it was about 30 minutes of climbing which could have been continued but then the human motor would even overheat. Why do that? Stop, write, study, cool down, then repeat. Pretty fabulous.
Very regularly people ask, does it have doors? Understandable question but silly at a deeper level. This is a bicycle. It is not trying to be other than a bicycle. The cross ventilation is absolutely essential to the human motor not overheating. As to rain, if and when the vehicle can be pointed into the rain it is very Sheltering of the human motor.
Oh, and having the feet pushed way forward in the shoes so that the pedal is under the ball of the foot is a long long long long forgotten friend that helps avoid triggering the Shins and ankles and feet into frustrating energy-wasting gyrations.

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