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Ignite Soul log April 7th. James will translate Jesus gospel????

What is involved in a translation? No, really, what is involved in a translation? The mechanics, correct? But how little of a great translation is that?

At some level translation is technique. But thousands approach the technique of a Monet, or Motzart, or a Charles Dickens, thousands at least. And they cannot approach what these people have done. So important translation is not a function of technique, or in the case of the Gospels language expertise. That plays a role but not the dominant one.

0 credit to James he has from his earliest memory seen a Jesus through the church translation that the church doesn't see, and only one in a million see. Schweitzer saw it, Gandhi through Tolstoy and a few others.,

At least for James, James has a gift of seeing Jesus, maybe no one else will ever agree.

And more to the point of this log James realizes that he has profound Lee allowed the church translation, that artistic abomination, let alone the abomination of word choice, James has let that determine his own translation too.much too long. That should not stand.

James is so eager to emerse in Tolstoy’s translation. And that must happen. But first  James must take the 200 verses that we were given by that little colored guy Jesus, and do his own translation. Starting from the English rendered by the Jesus seminar, but going beyond that. He has already begun during his up and down Hills voyage, listening to those verses. And beginning the translation in his mind. High priority must be placed on doing this in black and white. Then Tolstoy.

Downtown with Sol the vehicle today a gentleman approached and we had such a wonderful conversation. Well, mostly output from me, but I'm so glad we met and he is glad too. What I told him about the soul, the limbic system, he was clearly glad to know of and is unlikely to forget the conversation. Without James extensive study every week James would not have been able to import that information.

Tonight James encountered at least an utterly breathtaking Lee magnificent spirit over by the two ladies, the four legged ladies, vanilla and chocolate, although this individual corrected me, blondie and brownie. LOL. What a blessing to encounter this beautiful spirit. A vegan since childhood. I don't want to hurt animals she said. She spoke from a beautiful place in her heart, although later on there was some stridency evident, but why shouldn’t there be? She obviously feels a deep solidarity with all living things, and is upset, out raged, hurt, when other parts of her are hurt. Comented often have I telthe zero interest blondie and brownie have in me. Well this magnificent spitit  it turns out several times a year maybe four when she's in the area from LA will camp out for days, and walk miles to find and feed these two ladies. Vanilla, the particularly standoff fish one, she just loves it when I put my arms around her neck and on and on and on. I'm serious. How unfair! I’m totally delighted.

Mike and Molly and Nico there excruciating Lee adorable little doggie, are at the place that water is retrieved every couple of days by me. No dis credit to anyone, an exquisite blessing it is for me to encounter them these several times. Married more than 40 years, that's not important. Incredible friends to one another it seems. He is a pioneer with mobile solar and there are some technical issues that I discussed with him and another issue that he helped me out with.

The translation by Jesus James is beginning work on is a matter of tone and attitude. And substance. Some people see Mount Whitney and the mountains and lakes beyond once, are impressed and then move on. John Muir saw and it captivated his life. Those are different reactions. Qualitative Lee and quantitative leave. Same external reality, pro found Lee different understanding and appreciation.

James is finding some certainty that he and everyone have been totally missing either the spin that Jesus experience or that  he was pointing at. It is about the joy, the heaven, the reality of being a soul, limbic system, on earth in this life. James is surprised to be seeing this, the same way he's surprised at the different coloring on Mount Whitney and in the clouds each morning. He must get this out where he can see it more plain Lee and maybe discard it, or maybe stand on it and grow from it for his remaining days. More likely the latter. Has he mentioned maybe 18 years ago he caught a glimpse of this and then was detoured. His choice. Maybe the detour was right only so he could come back and stay the path this time.

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