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Ignite Soul log April 5. Grunt work. Slow, tedious, frustrating, necessary, laying a good foundation.

This is not the easy, semi euphoric stuff. But it is oddly satisfying and totally necessary to this mission to ignite souls. Quite satisfying indeed. See James Patting himself on the back. LOL.

James metrics are dipping. He is gladly facing up to realities. He is not on track to be a substantial transformational soul. Yes, who knows. But the likelihood is not great. Why? To far to go, too little time.

But he has been all of this adulthood the igniter of souls. Substantially? Yes, substantially. As a match is a igniter of paper or wood. Whether it is put to use or brought in contact with dry fuel is a separate matter. James will not give up on becoming a transformational soul but he will focus on what he can continue to do, be an igniter of souls.  

Directly? Not necessarily. James blog is approaching a million views these last 12 years or so that it has been up. He has put up during that period And time many tens of documents on to the Internet that were not there or we're not easily available of the most transformative souls that have ever been. And this work is continuing. Will it transform anyone's life? Don't know. Unlikely. More like than if the work wasn't being done.

More foundational work ahead but satisfying and necessary. Creating the new soul igniting oriented graphics for the side and back of the miraculous RV. Design and production at very high priority. Already beatthe traffic is increasing substantially here in lone pine Mount Whitney. The message is so on truth now, that having it on the side of the vehicle instead of the horribly distracting technical stuff is a tremendous opportunity. Some work was done today to determine that it is possible in the dimensions required. It is. Not inexpensive but after years of preparation it is time. Very exciting.

James, I've got a stiff neck. I asked why? Spending so much time looking at your photographs, he replied. Such a enjoyable couple, my age. We had several nice long talks now. Uncharacteristic Lee I initiated things when I saw the huge solar array on the top of the trailer that his gigantic RV is pulling. An electric car he pulls which he also charges with his solar array also on the roof of his RV, and two electric try circles for he and his wife.

By the way, if I were you I would check the photo archive Link at the top of this blog for the breathtaking beauty of today. Beauty just does not quit here.

With all this, in the direction of being a transformational soul this foundatioal work is moving me, but too slowly to arrive or make a substantial difference. But again, the work being done, the work of the last 15 years, is igniting of souls, it is that kind of thing, it is of that stuff, it is creating and spreading matches.

As mentioned, the metrics are trending downward, and this is a good thing. James is coming to a greater understanding of how far is needed to go. Where to fish for the soul that can ignite is totally not understood by him. There is a possibility that for the next 4 or 5 months that where he is right now geographicly would be fabulous or a complete dud. This is on the Pacific Coast Trail. People from all over the country and all over the world come to travel that trail that extends for Mexico up to Canada. Mount Whitney is the highest point in the United States so you can imagine what kind of a draw that is for a certain population. It will not be shocking to me if some portion of that population is drawn to hiking because the soul is looking for something more. It might be they all are just looking for idle entertainment, but maybe some are looking for more. It is not impossible that by being here this summer strategically placed with the new graphics that a word of mouth could be started. The 30 yr WH peace vigil which we conducted for about 3 years 12 hours a day served that purpose. Or this might be a dud. Probably something more.

It seems like we are not wearing out our welcome. But maybe tomorrow that will prove mistaken. Probably not.

Is this body finally healing from all the cancer and treatment? Only about 10 hours a day of sleep is required for the last week or so. Unwilling is James to assume that this is the new normal, but it could be. James work could certainly use an additional couple of hours per day.

Yes, these are not glamorous days, this is not the fun study of Tolstoy, but it is very satisfying because clearly a strong foundation is being laid for the coming week months years or whatever time is left.

A fruitful notion occurred today. Might be a dead end. Might be a wrong turn. Probably needs to be tested. James needs a new set of metrics in addition to the two now, to help him understand how much of a LSGIA Being  he is being. Essentially is he being a soul or a head and body? Head and flesh? Jesus in his verses, and possibly more so in the Tolstoy translation, seems to be saying that we are most joyful when we live as a soul. The kingdom comes, as thy will is done on earth as it would be in heaven. Clearly in heaven, we are soul, not a body and head. Even, especially, in the heaven, the kingdom, that Jesus taught, the kingdom was in us, the kingdom of God within us. He was explicit about this and never said otherwise. No Jesus did not live as though the flesh and the head should be ignored. Keeping them going is the price of keeping the soul active in this life.  but the body is not the goal. And my soul wants the body not to be the goal. The head, not to be the goal. But very much wants them to continue as long as they can effectively support the work of the soul. As they are doing bless their essence. So James has been living as a soul for almost two decades and partly for all of his life. But scale of 0 to 10? Maybe at 7? What an important opportunity for him to track his progress and see if he can work toward something more intense.

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