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video log March 7th combined

Wow, and wow. Cycling level today has not been seen in probably a year and a half. And it is sustainable I'm quite sure.
The lessons of the last log or so are proven now and nuggets of wisdom from recent years are all found in the principles that resulted in the high performance sustainable low mental tasking technique of today.
In a nutshell, the out stroke of the knee to maximum extension and rolling through that maximum extension, achieved at a constant velocity from the beginning to the end of the stroke, stroke after stroke, until the Cadence changes is the formula. This became attainable once it was remembered, for the first time it seems, that this is a bicycle. Unlike a conventional upright bicycle which unmistakably provides gravity and body orientation as the communicators of what the body is to do, to extend all the way down to the bottom of the stroke, till the full completion, the full extension, of the stroke, the recumbent doesn't do that. Gravity still speaks but contrary to where full extension actually is which is roughly a hundred and ten or a hundred and twenty degrees from perpendicular. It is out, not down.
An important secret teased out somewhat concerning the Optimal Performance usually achieved in the last 10% of any journey and the last 10% of this climb almost every time. fatigue and maybe practice, of the prior several hours each trip, the body achieves what was described above but now it has been captured in conscious competence greatly increasing the odds that it can be held onto and repeated now. And to a large degree, really, for all intents and purposes throughout this 1500 calorie, 3 hour Journey, this high-performance found in the last 10% of the journey was maintained throughout.
Another nugget which has appeared in the past with great appreciation but then lost, is that it seems that in lower Cadence higher power situations that the length of this downward stroke increases, or can be increased, Canby, needs to be, begun earlier, higher, or should be increased to be able to establish that constant velocity forward thrust to full extension.

And all this was accomplished with much less attention to cycling and much more to ongoing study, saving Paradise, Parker and Brock.
This is the second or third listening, and as of this morning with a solid technical copy annotation has resumed. all of the disclaimers of Prior posts still stand, as do the a clamation of the gold mine this is if the land minds are understood and avoided. I see many days ahead of mining the gold here for the purposes of my work. It is a broad pallet from those that have extrordinarily perverted distorted destroyed the goodness of the human soul to the other extreme almost, those that have  stumbled well in the right direction. I am envisioning among other things one graph that tries to capture the various names and place them in relation to the ultimate goal of the establishment of the human soul in charge of the head and flesh which none of them except for the man Jesus, barely referred to directly in this book, that the man Jesus examplified in word, actual historical word, and deed.. But they're were other attempts and somewhere certainly worthy of a study for the various element stuff they got right.

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