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Solar RV cycling log March 26th. James, you forgot it is a bike?!?

Solar RV cycling log March 26th. James, you forgot it is a bike?!?!

Much time on maintenance the last 2 days. Not an unhappy thing. Necessary. The replacement part and tool arrived. Much to learn and relearn which was done. Finally installed and working and we are on our way, a little more than halfway on a very productive climb up to Whitney.

All of the logs of recent weeks apply and are confirmed by this good journey. The notion of digging on this constant climbing is very helpful. As mentioned in prior logs. But it's hard to know just what that means. Sometimes it seems to mean doing what is necessary to drive the end of the thigh downward to completion. And for a long while that felt satisfactory. But is it sustainable? Is it optimal? Is the body actually searching for something different? Maybe. Maybe what it is saying is dig by going for power not in the complete forward stroke, but in the last third or 25% of that stroke. Maybe that is the sustainable  that it's looking for. Not sure. But doing it right now more than half way up the hill it is at least a nice change of pace. Probably more than that.

Some parts new and old that have been nice at various parts of this journey. Picturing that the actual purpose of peddling is to turn the chain through its cycle. Keeping the torso perpendicular to the vehicle not to gravity.

We had had a good 6 days of rest. Maybe that is why instead of 25% of the energy coming from the body it is approaching 30% this journey.

And as always, cycling with the thighs, particularly the forward parts, as opposed to the foot.

And just now, LOL, implementing the crucial revelation of recent weeks, this is a conventional bicycle but tilted 40 degrees back. Press the stroke all the way down, 40 degrees for work. It seems to dovetail nicely with the discussion of digging above.

And for the first time since probably two years ago for a period Of this journey avoiding the temptation to pressure with the back, leaving that to the lower back and upper buttocks.

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