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Solar RV cycling log March 21st. Oh, the purpose of peddling is to turn the chain, and the gears that the chain drives.. Who knew?

Important building on the last 3 or 4 or 8 journeys.

If one is at the beginning of a sprint the notion of digging is a common notion. Not long stride, but extremely short explosive sharpest rides. After momentum is established then the stride would lengthen considerably.

For the first time ever that James can recall this notion of digging  is being applied by James for the first time ever in this 2000 ft, seven mile climb. At the beginning of a cycling race sprinr  Frenc or otherwise the first hundreds of yards would be this digging motion. Well James is constantly climbing, the point being, in climbing, and at the start of a race, there is no momentum to take advantage of. Everything is about cycling to overcome momentum. And climbing, weather on foot or in a bicycle every stroke is attempting to overcome momentum. Of course digging is the appropriate notion. And motion. The question is how has it taken James 5 months of this routine to get a glimpse of this?

The metrics of power per hour is totally un impressive, just over 100 human watts per hour. But the watts per mile is very high. Probably between 10% and 30% higher than normal to this point of the journey. 5% on the whole journey, and additional 20 watts or though if the vehicle hadn't broken down, probably 10%. Very worthwhile. Very satisfying. Very helpful. A night of about 1,500 calories.

Constructive Lee and gladly carried over from the last voyage was the idea of the body establishing a smooth stroke instead of searching for the little advantages in each stroke that it wants to do. This has been experienced as only positive.

Toward the end the emphasis, and this is probably the last 25% of the journey, a little steeper, what was very pleasant was keeping things smooth but refocusing on the notion that pedaling is about achieving full downward extension except in a recumbent down is 40% forward. This was very nice, lost was some of the advantage of power in the up moving leg but it certainly was a nice change of pace at least.

But then in the last 10% something really nice happened. Because so much was working well a new thing was revealed. James, what you're doing is cranking the chain all the way over. That was a really really helpful thought. The body responded very well. Especially useful was the notion of Shane over the gear underneath my seat, which, LOL, shortly after this stopped working. Luckily we were able to make it another 2 tenths of a mile up the hill on motor power. Hopefully that disaster can be diagnosed and rectified first thing in the morning and part flown in.


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