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RV cycling log. March 8th. Yes, it's a bicycle and I'm still learning.

Yes yes yes it's a bicycle but instead of full extension being straight down, full extension is about 110 degrees from perpendicular. This is the lesson of the last three logs, and continues to be.
Much more sustainable than any time in the last year, much more logical, much more easy and sure to bring to mind. This seems to be the most important plateau in several years. Today was roughly a thousand calories on top of 1500 yesterday, fairly easily done, not possible in Prior weeks or months.

Yes the primary focus is on completing full extension to approximately 120 degrees, with the knee area, at constant velocity throughout the stroke, throughout the out stroke.
Particularly at lower velocity, lower RPM, and accentuated distance between the up moving thigh and the full extension is desirable and very helpful. I'm not certain why but several things seem to happen, it seems to give time for the lower leg to fully find its full extension home position, it seems to create downward momentum potential, it just really works well.
Toward the end of the trip today something surfaced that hasn't been seen for quite some time. Not sure if this is sustainable and should be happening throughout the voyage. But it certainly was nice at the end when it appeared. Instead of the focus being in the strength of the hamstring moving to full extension the focus went to the inner thighs of both legs and not sure the right words, maybe see-sawing although that certainly doesn't do it or scissoring maybe but they were almost like to Planks, the inner thighs, and they found an equilibrium of moving past each other in coordinated opposition.
And then complimenting this last point was something else that was quite nice. The notion of finding a force for all that which was in between full exoneration and significant relaxation as a mechanism for absorbing slight increases in the grade moment-to-moment or slight decreases. This would be nice to try throughout the journey. It did not result in substantial huge power but it did seem to be very sustainable.

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