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Rescuing Souls from joyless slavery, March 17th. Extremely important log. Thoughtful pondering and comments most welcome.

I wonder, Jesus it is said spoke essentially about the Son of God, the only Son of God. In my mind and experience it is impossible that he was referring to himself. Just not possible. Totally inconsistent with all his life and teaching.

But was he speaking of the soul, the limbic system, part of all of us? If he spoke essentially of the Son of Man, the only Son of God, this would have been what he was speaking of, the soul, mammalian brain, in all of us, dead, or effectively dead and imprison, by the head and flesh.

Listening to Karen Armstrong yesterday, a very important thought was born within me. Thanks Karen. Why does every mammal mother, and many mammal fathers, forgo sex, food, their own comfort, their own safety at cetera? Only one answer is possible. They find more gratifying still, then those things very pleasurable things, the joy of attempting to provide for their loved one. And this is what the limbic system, the mammalian brain, the soul, does, unless it has been hijacked by a partnership of the cerebral cortex and Reptilian Brain, hypothalamus.

How can it be that no one wants to join alongside me in the work that has me in its possession? How can it be that at pain of my life it is irresistible to me this work, and entirely resistible to everyone else?

It was Karen Armstrong I think, maybe Parker and Brock, that taught me that it was only in the 1901 Bible translation that central became believing in Jesus, instead of believing the faith of Jesus in God, Creator, Soul, Heart. Now I am exploring the earlier gospel translations, King James 1611, and the translations of the original Greek texts, especially by Tolstoy but others as well. Attempting to get closer to what Jesus actually said.

Not academic is my interest in anything. Not anymore. My interest is in Soul, rejuvenating it, resurrection, revivalizing, redeeming, human soul, releasing human soul from slavery to head and flesh internal and external. How can everyone stand to not join with me in this exact work?

And if they have good reason, how can everyone stand not to tell me the error of my work?

LOL, so amusing how long things take me sometimes. This particular vehicle technology being no more than a horrible constant distraction from the only worthwhile work, rescuing the individual soul that is dying to be rescued from tyranny of head and flesh. As it is the attention it draws from folks to technology,  such a horrible distraction. Only today did I realize that erasing the signage currently on the rear part of Sol, replacing it with messaging regarding rescuing soul from head and flesh, is a high priority now. In coming days signage mockup will be created and shared with a hopes that some may give me reactions and ideas for moving toward implementation within the next couple of weeks.

Goodness why have I been given this vision that the key to unlocking individual rescue of soul is that soul in charge of head and flesh is the only gateway to joy, paradise, nirvana? If I am not mistaken it is the key that all the sages have been looking for but almost found.

I experience it as an extraordinary responsibility. Keeper of this thing that I did not ask for. What happens if I am wiped out tomorrow morning? Days from now? Weeks from now? Months or now? No one cares what I do. No one cares what I'm doing. But that's not my responsibility. My responsibility is to do the best I can with what I'm given. Currently that is placing renewed emphasis on these log in entrees, what if I'm wiped out tomorrow morning but I have left notes in these logs, my blogs, Facebook? Surely that is some exercise of my responsibility, my duty.

Tragically in the last 20 years I've forgotten more about leadership of the soul by a factor of 1000 then I can now remember. That was my  stock in trade for working miracles in organizations within high-tech industry. But maybe I can brush off small bits and bring them to bear now.

My love and frustration with the work of Karen Armstrong who i listened to most of yesterday, produced benefit yesterday. The soul, limbic system, mamalian brain, heart, is put to sleep, further enslaved to, by appealing to the cerebral cortex or hypothalamus which is what the best intended do, well intended scholars, religious folks, as documented in Brock, Parker, and even Karen Armstrong. As well intended is it maybe, and it has a place, it is novocaine, anesthesia, to the soul, unless the soul has first been ignited. James, what are you going to do with this? There was a 25 year period in industry where that question, how are you going to ignite their hearts James, was constantly put to me by the situation and answers developed. Those skills and abilities need to be resurrection and brought to bear on all this.

Regarding this last point clueless almost I am but not entirely. The road to the soul is through the eyes not the ears, vision, not analysis, example, not dogma and text..... Be the change. Example it's not the major thing, it is the only thing.

Just now reading John, from the Greek translation, I think. John has always been suspect to me. The Jesus seminar Scholars say that only two of all the phrases in John are true to Jesus and probably spoken by him. On the other hand, Tolstoy, the creator of Gandhi, and somewhat of King, found John very true to the man Jesus from the original Greek texts. Tonight, again, My alarms were going off with John, seemingly so dogmatic. But surprising to me, I also found that his language interpreted a different way, than I had been interpreting it, and I think as Tolstoy does interpret it, was very much in keeping with the soul of the man Jesus and what he taught and lived. the Son of God, if the Son of God is the soul  born in all of us, if he means that, and it is, then John’s writing is very valuable. And as I recall now from many years ago, this is how Tolstoy interpreted it.

But something else hit me about John and more particularly what we're sure Jesus did write. Often he spoke in Parables. Why? Answer. In an attempt to bypass the cerebral cortex and activate the mammalian brain, the limbic system, the soul.

PS. The photograph at the top. Unretouched as are virtually all of the photographs from me. I'm interested in what creation has to say, not me. This place is so magical. On Tatooine (that planet where Yoda was?) was that place of extraordinary evil, the cave, where Darth was seen. This Whitney portal, the base of Mount Whitney, is sort of the opposite. How does the sun set exactly over Mount Whitney? How does the moon set exactly over Mount Whitney? It is an extraordinary place of Creator, whatever Creator is.

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