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Ransoming Souls log March 15th. Trump calls out the mob. Where does the time go?

March 15. Ransoming Souls log. Trump calls out the mob. Where does the time go? The Workman is worthy of his Keep, Jesus said.

Much of the day was spent planning, with some execution, of Maintenance items on this miraculous Saol, solar RV vehicle, my partner. My friend. Reactive and preemptive upgrade of wiring. Yes, wiring some more. I can blame it on learning curve, but there's some procrastination too. Instead of doing it right the first time…. Central to my being it seems is testing the limits. Other workers included lubrication, and replacing some broken spokes in that all critical, overstressed, rear wheel. And a few other items. Where does the time go?

Trump, the Satan in Fantasia, calling out the evil monsters, New Zealand, the military and white mob in the United States, he has nowunmistakably deliberately explicitly clearly declared war on me, on every decent person, all decency. Does that include you? If you are decent, it does. Some of today has been spent communicating about that on Facebook.

Multiple times communication from me has spoken of how welcoming this town and area seems to be to me. So that is a feeling I've had and I don't think anyone has objected to me mentioning it, or question my judgment.Within the last couple of days the wind maybe is changing? Yesterday in town there were a number of people where the encounter instead of being very warm had maybe a slight chill to it? An official here with the park service has been exceedingly kind, we have enjoyed talking. 2 days ago he was also genial, but all rules. I'm wondering if there's talk about me, some negative rumor? Just as likely and maybe more so is the amount of time that I have been here, though I am a very good citizen. And then there is the onset approaching of the tourist season and that one I am in sympathy with, not helping to establish that this is a place to have people Homestead.

The park official that has been so kind and good, two days ago the word Homeless was used in conjunction with me. Prior he had made comments to suggest that he thought we shared an affinity with the man Jesus. If I hear that Homeless thing come up again I'm likely to cite to him that Jesus had seemed to say that his workmen were worthy of their keep, meat, was the word that Jesus used, but I suspect that ability to sleep also would have been included.

Interesting and constructive it will be if in fact the town wants me gone, enough folks. Jesus instructed his disciples of the time to make their concern clear if the town they entered did not want them. Maybe always I thought that that was meant by way of rebuke. But that's not very interesting and I don't know how suspect that's it. It is a learning opportunity, for the town. A necessary part of the process.

It may well be that it is nothing, just a Tremor in my perception. Time will tell. Whether without the town term turning unreceptive, with the message Clarity that has come as a benefit of these five months of study, it would be far from tragic if this Mission set out on the road again, resuming a fishing Expedition with much Clear lures, and upgraded abilities for dealing with the rare nibble.

After much planning a new communication uniform has been ordered which I think will be suitable in durability and in message for coming years now.

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