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March 5th. Ransoming souls log. So disappointing, Paul, Parker and Brock, even Armstrong.

Technical difficulties with annotating the saving paradise copy from archive. Org. It is not an excellent scan and unfortunately hours worth of annotatinh have been lost. Not a tragedy but a new copy will have to be downloaded and work resumed on that.

Parker and Brock have an agenda. There's nothing sinister about that. They have a right, and maybe a Duty. But it is extremely problematic in their book  saving paradise, which has the pre tents of being extremely scholarly and therefore focused on the truth, and it is not that. Unclear to me is whether they realize that. But the problem remains that it will entrap even the best truth seaker into thinking that they are reading scholarly truth when at the bottom line they are reading the world that Parker and Brock would like to see. Be warned. There is still much of value to be mined here but it is more of a mine field then earlier I thought.

Oh Karen Armstrong, such excellence, not perfection, but still  excellence you demonstrate in the great transformation. But in your much earlier book Paul, where in heavens name does your enthusiasm for this individual come? A nice guy I'm sure, but extremely delusional, and not a fraction of the faith or understanding that Jesus had in Jesus teaching, do unto others all things whatsoever… . And Paul does not begin to come to the caliber of the great leaders to the soul that you write of in great transformation, Hillel, Mohammad, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus and a few others. Now you wrote this book on Paul, the Apostle we love to hate, much earlier than the great transformation. But have you disclaimed it? I'm not challenging you, I'm concerned either that your integrity will be diminished, or that your scholarship and judgment are not of the caliber that I have thought up until now. I suspect it is the former.

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