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March 19th Solar RV cycling log. James, just pretend you're in a gymnasium on a piece of equipment.

You know the previous 10 logs or so, all those principles, the two or three key ones especially, validated.

But some additional thought and important lessons on this journey now 40 % complete.

James, relax, the purpose of your involvement is your exercise. Just let it happen. In fact, let everything else take care of itself. Imagine that you are simply on a piece of exercise equipment in a gym. Just let it flow from there.

About 30% into the voyage tonight the notion popped up, James, instead of trying to find the leverage points within each cycle just deliver your power in smooth isolation. If you lose some power so be it. Don't try to find where the machine wants your legs to find every little advantage, sacrifice that, for the benefit of letting your body know that it can count on a steady fluid pace. Does not seem to be sacrificing much power, and is even more enjoyable, and probably slightly less stressful on this old body and it's joints and ligaments and muscles.

Integrating with the above is the notion of, James, what level of workout do you want at this particular instant, low, medium, or hi? Probably the key aspect there is, workout, what level of workout, James? That idea helps decoupple  from the distraction, the illusion, of moving the vehicle, and increasing the focus on only place James can really control, how much productive work he is doing at the moment. Again, this seems to be contributing to the automatic nature of the exercise, lowering frustration, freeing the mind for study, and does not seem to be sacrificing much performance.

A strong propensity in James body is to leverage the upper leg whether it is in hiking, climbing stairs, skiing. And it's usually counter productive maybe very counter productive. Well, riding on the shoulder which is what we do there is a crown, it slopes off to the right making the left leg the upper leg. This encourages the upper leg to try and do funny stuff, asymmetrical, it's annoying, distracting, fatiguing, and never ending. Well, almost never ending. Tonight more than before there's an effort to lean the upper torso to the right at least so it is perpendicular to the vehicle and the crown and maybe even a little more so. It's a nice thing.

The warrs per hour, human, are quite low, 98, but the proportion of human power is slightly higher, than usual, about 26 and a half percent.

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