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March 19th rescuing soul from joylessness log. Those feeling sick or dead of soul, Jesus came for you, James too.

Such important clarity this morning. Such an incredible indictment of the cultural insanity that is so sick, expert, ever present, unceasing, that this 67 year old nervous system would still be making progress towards the simple message, life, teaching, purpose of the man Jesus.

He was a physician of the soul, here simply for anyone feeling sick or dead is soul, and James writing to you now, is here for the same reason. It's so simple. The soul, Limbic system, mamalian brain, this it is part of our anatomy. Jesus was called to be a physician to that, to those feeling sick in that organ. Me too.

Some of today is spent studying the 200 verses of the 1000 in the New Testament attributed to the man Jesus, but only 200 the Jesus seminar scholars say he actually spoke. Each of those phrases is at least consistent with, and never distant with what was just written of above.

Jesus said, the kingdom of God will not come through observation they will not say, low here, lo there. For the kingdom of God is within you. The soul is within you. That piece of creator. limbic system, the Mamalian brain.

Every and all pieces of verbage in the Gospels other than these is  empowering of the head, empowering of the flesh, as so much of it is, they did not have a clue what Jesus was teaching.

Because of all this study the clarity coming from James in a 30 minute conversation today was such potential hope for the soul of this somewhat alive individual with whom he was speaking. Very high quality seeds for this person.

Another individual, it was a very different thing. The seeds in this long term relationship were dismissed out of hand as worthless. Not unkindness. Cerebral cortex blindness.

Jesus did not repeat himself. Not to the same individual. He spread the seed. It was beyond him to control whether the sick or dead soul was available to receive it. If it was, it was. If it was not, it was not. And so it is with James here, with me. In my work. How helpful, how exciting, how empowering in my work to start getting a clue of what I am here for, what the nature of my work is. Physician for the soul that feels sick or dead.

Even in these 200 versus that they Jesus Scholars say we're actually spoken by the man, there are so many agendas. There is the agenda of establishing that the kingdom of God, soul, is within you. Another agenda of addressing the material errors of the Jews as they were practicing. Another agenda of providing elements of the secondary science, what the limbic system in charge, the soul in charge, looks like. These latter to are very problematic in that they easily appeal to and empower the reptilian brain and the cerebral cortex and there by dissempower the soul. And although the Jesus seminar has acknowledged these 200 verses., what about the translation? How is it that the man Tolstoy was able to see such different meanings in the Greek words than other translators, probably in putting the highly cerebral Scholars? It takes a highly developed soul to understand and grasp a highly developed soul.

I am so drawn into getting closer and closer to the man Jesus, but this is not necessarily what my work requires. My job is to be in as able a position for the individual who feels sick or dead of soul. There are so many distractions for me from that test that don't seem like distractions but they are. I must not and will not  indulge my fascination with the man Jesus to the expense of my mission but much skill required to see where the dividing line is moment to moment.

What to study now? Jesus? Creator of Gandhi, and largely king? He knew something powerful. Mammals don't have the distraction of our cerebral cortex. Mammalian studies primate studies must be a priority. Mammals are so much more humane then we human of this century. Scholarly study and thought on Joy.

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