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March 17th solar RV cycling log. Where the eyes are focused makes a big difference.

Over the years it has come to me at times that where are the eyes are focused makes a big difference. each time it has come to me it was that focusing way down the road was really helpful. No question that it was. But few if any of those times were in constant climbing. It turns out that where the eyes are focused is enormous Lee helpful in climbing, but not way down the road, inches in front of the vehicle!. Yes, this never occurred to me. But now I can reflect on various ways the body has tried to achieve this without my knowledge. But having it in conscience competence now is really in powering.

Other than that all lessons of the last 7 days or so continue to prove themselves correct. Having said that, who knows how much of that is now automatic, but what is conscience today is staying entirely within the engine compartment, all focus, and by focusing the eyes only inches in front of the vehicle further placing attention simply on achieving sustainable strong power each stroke. Very freeing of the mind. Very non frustrating. Very nice. Very sustainable.

More on this. If one is running a sprint there gaze maybe way down the track. if one is running up an extremely steep mountainside there are gaze maybe a foot or so in front. Obviously, correct? LOL. Well, not obvious to James for the last 5 months of climbing every other day. Not obvious to James three and a half for 4 years now in to extensive cycling. But obvious today. Better late than never?
 above discussed was that looking just inches in front of the vehicle, well, just immediately over the dashboard which is probably 5 ft in front, not ideal, is extremely helpful. As helpful or more is understanding that the pedal stroke in steep grade is targeted just inches ahead of the pivot point in the road. Biting off just a little bit of climb. At faster speed the target would be a foot or two feet or 3 ft or 5 ft ahead. Very logical. Has been on obvious to change. Now he is seeing it and very very appreciative that he is.

Also helpful at times today and then forgotten and then remembered, is to attempt a mix of power with every stroke. What is automatic so far is asking too much of the downward stroke and nothing of the upward stroke and possibly even asking the downward stroke to lift the up going leg. Almost certainly it is desirable those times when he is remembered to have a mix of power every stroke most of it on the down stretching leg but always some of it on the uprising leg a mixture. The nervous system so far finds this a very natural thought to respond to but it quickly forgets unless it is kept in mind.

And now, even more! Building on the above, now the long past, weeks, emphasis on a feeling of cycling, is back in play. Who knew?!!! Why? How? In climbing, with this notion of accepting that each stroke can advance the vehicle only inches it is making it reasonable and possible to add the notion of a cycling feeling. It happens quite easily when the thought is brought to mind and the power increases substantial Lee, maybe from a hundred human What's 4 hour, to 120, or 150.

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