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March 16th, ransoming soul log.Note to self, note to the world. Joy is the only answer. I've never been more f****** serious.

The element that has been missing from the greatest sages throughout the eons, the keys could unlock everything, sadly it's too late for everything, they lived exemplified used, they examplifide, but they didn't see. The fish is the last one to discover water.

The pursuit of joy is the answer. And joy is the experience only granted every breath that the nervous system thinks we are trying to serve the neediest souls in solidarity, from our own.

I, everyone, should devote their lives to proving this, demonstrating this, sharing this, popularizing this, expecting to fail, knowing near surelt that we will, but nothing else is worth the effort. And nothing else, nothing, nothing, nothing is so joyful.

Karen, thank you for your 12 steps. You are not from a sales in marketing background. You have not had to make your living by selling things. That's a fact. It is not a criticism. But it is a fact. You are telling people how to build a watch. That they should build a watch. That there are benefits to the world to building a watch. But you are not telling them personally why they should build the watch, what's in it for them personally, become more compassionate. Why they would want to become more compassionate personally. And maybe there's no reason.

But my life tells me that there is. Virtue is the reward of joy. The reward of joy only comes from the virtuous soul ruling over head and flesh. That is nirvana. That is heaven. That is paradise.

My point is not too criticize you or to belittle. My point is to make additional benefit of your fine work, the clarity of what all the religious sages have missed and you too. There is no hope for any of this that you so carefully, honestly, based on such scholarly rigor, propose. 12000 years proves that.

Unless something's been missing. You cannot activate the mammalian brain by appealing to the cerebral cortex which is what you do almost without exception.. It's what they have all done.

And if joy is not the ultimate human experience, and if the simple path of for joy, serving those needy Souls in solidarity, is not the experiential superior path, then there is no hope.

But if there is that, then that needs to be our work, to flood the world with examples. To make what is right before eyes visible and therefore the ultimate desire. Rather indisputable study is that the Western World at least, particularly all-powerful America, is relatively strong in IQ, and near zero in EQ.

Dear dear dear Karen. I have such respect for you. I've been where you are. I've been down your path. You are doing a heroic job of standing on the shoulders of all the cerebral Giants spiritual and academic religious and scholarly before you.

You are remaining their direction. Everything about their directions says that it's failure. How many more Millenia do we have before we face that? Their direction is a clear absolute confirmed failure.

But as I keep saying, the founders, the visionaries, the few Giants, were living it. There's a wonderful scene in patch Adams early in the movie when Robin has committed himself in the asylum. The crazy old man in the movie holds up his fingers and says how many can you see?! He's crazy instanct. But finally Robin gets the point, don't look at the fingers, that's the problem. Look beyond them.

Look at the Quality of life of the spiritual Giants. Their life was nirvana. They knew all the options as the human beings including survival comfort pleasure safety. They found something preferable and often paid with their life rather than to give that up. Supreme selfishness is the Supreme Alturism. Supreme altrurism is the Supreme selfishness. That is the hidden pearl worth all price.

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