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March 12 cycling log. Yes yes yes, ever present in the mind this is a conventional bicycle tilted back.

The log of 2 days ago expressed a hope that two things would be remembered, everything is treating this like a conventional bicycle tilted back, and that I could slightly determine where the full extension was by verying force and cadence. True true true true and true.

The voyage is about half done tonight and the metrics are the best in 5 months, and as good as anything in a year. And almost automatic, the mind is free for study every moment. Fabulous.

Our primary goal is mindless exercise effectiveness. The metrics of this trip are very favorable. The human battery and motor so far have done 25.7 percent of the work * 900 lb is this old body caring itself + 70 lb. Pretty respectable. Relatively low Cadence has been tolerated to allow for more human power.

So, not with standing the exclamation above, the two bedrock principles now which nothing must easily over shadow, a new thing is showing itself.

It has been seen before. It has been felt before and enjoyed before. Maybe now unconscious competence is being maxed with new conscience competence. Or maybe this is just a nice thing that provides really decent performance, maybe unsustainable, but a nice change of pace for the body which certainly it is.

Anyway, this thing just showed up after the first 40% of tonight's voyage. It showed up in part because the body was getting pretty tired the muscles that have been used fwere getting pretty tired. Definitely they could have gone on but they did a little creative intelligent experimenting.

So what's going on now is an emphasis on conventional bicycle rotated back 40 degrees, that is the knee coming to full extension every stroke constant velocity. But the new nice thing is essentially waiting as the Uprising thigh  takes the pressure off the downward trusting leg and allows that downward leg time to almost in a fluid non effort way reach that full extension. I don't know why this works. I've seen it before. And it was nice then. I couldn't hold on to it. Not into the next voyage or so. But it is a really nice change of pace and the performance is every bit as good as the more conventional first 40% of this voyage. Key to its success definitely seems to be avoiding the tendency to correct timing with an extra thrust of the outgoing leg instead, to take up the added timing needed with a little extra effort and delay on the up going leg. Totally nice change of pace.

We maybe heading into catastrophe or at least unpleasanness. About an hour ago a wind advisory showed up calling for upwards of 45 mi an hour gusts where we are headed. At 6:30 the winds should be howling where we are right now and they are not. if they do rev up hopefully it will be in about an hour when we may have a bit of shelter. If they explode sooner than that there is always turning around and going with them, they're West, Northwest, and spending the night in the hostel.

Back to the subject of the earlier paragraph, we are now attempting a balanced force implementation of what was just discussed, equal gentle force out from one leg and up from the other with perfect timing to achieve relax full full full extension. Interesting experiment. Both leg sharing the work, probably the down one doing more but it feels like an equivalence.

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