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March 11th ransoming souls log. Yes, James, there is no hope for your work. No hope it will ever help anyone.

March 11th ransoming souls log. Yes, James, there is no hope for your work. No hope it will ever help anyone.

Karen Armstrong, the great transformation, much of today has been listening to the section on Buddha, and her introduction. By any measure I know she is a serious honest scholar as honest about her own preset positions as anyone could be. Well, almost anyone. Profoundly useful. Unlike Parker and Brock, also tremendously valuable, Armstrong does not start out with a position that Christianity or religion is the answer. She has identified religious teachers from the major traditions that point to the answer and she asserts and I suspect correctly that none of them pointed to religion as the answer, quite the opposite.

The section on Buddha, and the section, Karen's introduction, are enoemously valuable and probably sufficient for the limbic system, the soul, literally dying to breakthrough from the tyranny of head and flesh both within and without.

What a nice breath of fresh air after waiding through weeks of Christianity, for which I'm deeply grateful and it's not finished, but these axial sagees were so far beyond and above.

On a slightly different note, time was spent this morning focusing more intentionally and for a bit more time, to try and grasp the clients of this mission, in my imagination. It was not a particularly happy outcome. It was reminiscing of the last 2 weeks at Standing Rock, at least the initial part of those two weeks when dealing with the kick in the stomach, James, if you stay, 5 years in prison. A death sentence for me I'm sure. What was learned at that time was that I value goodness more than my own life, and more than anything. I knew I could die for a cause, for a population, but goodness? Indeed, yes.

And this morning's exercise was reminiscing of this, James, there are no clients for what you are attempting to refine. Only if you count the one every several hundred years, the Jesus the Buddha the Confucius. In neither the Majesterial  great transformation, Armstrong, nor in the sweeping saving paradise, Parker and Brock, no place do they speak of an explosion, or even a slight increase, a cloning of a Buddha or Confucius or Jesus. Followers! They speak of followers! They also speak of a the humanizing of groups and even societies. But no where do they speak of any of these creating a clone, and a second one, and a third one. I don't even know if they realize this. Maybe it's an oversight. Doesn't seem to be an oversight.

Some of this was in my mind, my cerebral cortex, all of it may have been in my soul, my mamalian brain. But nevertheless this morning's contemplating quickly yielded, James, there are no clients for what you're working on. Never have been, never will be.

What are you going to do James? There's a scene that many times I've spoken of when it comes to my mind by circumstance, and again it came to my mind this morning. Richard Dreyfuss, close encounters of the Third Kind, in his living room, in the final stages of losing his wife and family, madly sculpting a huge dirty mound of sand in his living room no idea what the hell he was doing. He had no idea what the hell he was doing. And he knew he had to do it. This came to mind this morning. At Standing Rock it was goodness that came to my mind as what I would gladly give my life for. This morning it was a different word but probably part of the same thing, truth. Richard Dreyfuss had to articulate what was trying to birth within him, a truth. A truth. A truth has been working to birth itself through me from my very earliest memories now that I look back. And with now no hope of a client now or in the future that I'm working for I am certain, as certain as I am of anything, that with my last breath I will gladly give my life to birth that truth as fully as I'm able.

Were Hillel, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Jeremiah, Muhammad, to read this passage above, their reply would be approximately, yep, we can relate.

Now, this morning's revelation was not that James is called to some esoteric quest. No no no no no. No. This is the cure to cancer, the cure to all the unnecessary human suffering, and to the prolifferation of all species in harmony. But it seems that Buddha 2500 years ago articulated, people are so happy with their  misery, no one will be reached by me. I para phrase but that's the essence of what he said and believed and found. It is so much more true today. We have spent two and a half Millenia inventing more distractions, self medications, more addictions, which are literally killing our entire species and planet but we don't f****** care.

So if Buddha couldn’t fully liberate one other limbic system, well, there was one that was spoken of, not more than one, and we're now infinitely more addicted, no, James has no clients. And the Richard Dreyfuss character did not know what the f*** he was doing. Nor really the Jodie Foster character in contact. But to me they were the most enviable of people. And enviable or not, discovering the truth that I have been called to uncover more clearly will keep me going so my last breath, so very gladly.

But there is a difference, with the Dreyfus and foster characters. Their truth was related to cerebral cortex. That's interesting. The cerebral cortex could drive one that crazy, in that way, probably with a strong dose of soul. As a young person studying philosophy that feeling is not foreign to me, and for decades in hi-tech that feeling is not foreign to me. 20 years ago it  came clear to me that that could not pull my life forward. The needs of creation, of life, a reverence for life, for the beauty of life and creation, that is the truth that has always pulled me forward and now in the absence of all hope.

Except for the hope to clarify that truth. I am. I have been. Bit by bit, I'm doing my part.

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