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Log, serving the few souls, March 23rd.

 per this graphic big step forward in terms of understanding this Mission and how to communicate it. And embracing rather than shying away from how miniscule is the target audience. But so it would be with a brain surgeon, or a heart surgeon, and many other important works.
No problem but planned maintenance on the vehicle did not happen because it would have increased visibility in this unplanned Steak-Out at the base of Mount Whitney where normally the place of sleep is not advertised, by getting away quickly in the morning and coming in at dusk. So we Are Not Invisible but the effort is to try and keep this visibility down until departure Monday morning for the part expected to arrive.
4 hours were invested in the thought of getting a more current, larger screen, smartphone. One way or another almost all day long the current Galaxy S6  5 inch screen device is supporting the work. Three models were identified, between 5 and $800 expenditure, but thankfully, at the last minute the fever broke, and it was realized that probably through a variety of things the current phone should last for another year or so. It was an expensive investment of time but much was learned and a worthwhile unavoidable exercise.
Two expensive batteries were purchased about a year-and-a-half ago in an emergency and thank goodness they were. But they are 52 volt and the primary system is 48 volt and that incompatibility makes them useful only as backup and now the 48 volt system has expanded enough that they are unnecessary weight. A good friend from Standing Rock was contacted and may well have a win-win-win situation, a little bit of money toward this Mission, and extremely affordable batteries to some worthy users.
A little bit of study on Tolstoy's translation and harmonization of the four Gospels. His Great Soul was moved by the man Jesus when he got past the abortion that is the church. This may well be a central piece of my work for the rest of my days. Certainly it is his understanding that whereas he found death in the translations and teachings of the church, he literally found life, the avoidance of suicide, in the original Greek gospels as he translated them. Maybe it was delusion on his part. But delusion or not, what he found created Gandhi and largely Martin Luther King jr. That's the kind of material that had I been connected with it much earlier in my life my rebirth as a soul, liberated from the tyranny of head and flesh, may have been accelerated by how many decades? And if I further Master his material and similar material maybe I can be a more effective conduit to that one in a million Soul looking to be Unshackled.

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