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Joint log. March 1st. The clients realize that the best attempts possible or being made.

  1. 48 hour flu hopefully over now? It seemed like it was over yesterday morning but last night proved that not to be the case. Yuck.
  2. Work completed on the vehicle yesterday that should be a medium-term solution for the wiring that occasionally melts during difficult climbs.
  3.  Currently the weather looks dangerous in the region but possibly not right where we are. Will have to check again for sing in the morning.
  4. Study of Armstrong's book on Paul was resumed. For scholarship is wonderful. All these people are interested in Christianity. Why would anyone be interested in Christianity? Jesus offered us the solution which Christianity never understood, never bought, never tried. However it might be that Paul regardless of Scituate Christianity may have had some important soul. It will be interesting to see of the few writings that he actually put pen to what he had to say.
  5. Yesterday while working on the vehicle by the sidewalk in Lone Pine a young man turned his car around and we spoke for probably 30 minutes. It did not damage his soul that we spoke, maybe it helped.
  6. By comparison in terms of the amount of exercise today's climb was laughable, only about a thousand calories. It's lightly discouraging but this on the tail end of two days of flu.
  7. Cycling insight was that much of recent days success has been pointing to the rotation over and through full extension of the knee as being a critical success factor and this supported by as small a circumference of object being rotated as is necessitated by steep climbs and substantial Force required.
  8. Some study of saving Paradise, which probably would better be labeled, saving creation, or saving Christianity, but certainly not trying to save what Jesus tried to start, some of that study was resumed and possibly the emphasis in the next 24 hours will be on mining the actual texts for some of the Nuggets of gold, soul sister got it or got really close, that these two excellent Scholars provide for us.
  9. Rain and snow forecast for this location for the next 36 hours.
  10. Trying to go easy on the stomach today, unlike the full Buffet yesterday, I didn't know, with Heavenly leaning on Saltines, peanut butter, jelly, hot chocolate and soon probably some broth and noodles.

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