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Ignite Soul log March 28th. Study Tolstoy four Gospels continues fruitfully.

Ignite Soul log March 28th. Study Tolstoy four Gospels continues fruitfully.

Tolstoy starts with the assumption it seems that Jesus taught us a new way of life. And that this was to be found in a translation of the Gospels not influenced by the dogma of the church and it's political desires. He tells us, and seems himself to believe, that this is what he found.

Although I am inclined to agree with him, what I am more certain of is that what Tolstoy writes, weather fact or fiction, holds tremendous hope for the individual that takes what he write to heart, as did Gandhi, less directly dr. King, and Tolstoy himself.

He understands evil, Satan, the tempter, the devil, to be the flesh.

He understands God, the father, to be of life the spirit of life.

A best estimate is that soul is the piece of Anatomy that he is targeting, but neither he nor Jesus had the benefit of today's neural Anatomy.

The scholarship of his own and that he referred to is more than 150 years old. How might his outcome have been different if his extraordinary intellect and soul had attacked the task today? Initial search by James indicates that no scholars have been interested in what Tolstoy found and his detailed translation and  notes.

How can we be so disinterested in work that created Gandhi, Tolstoy, and King?

Tolstoy understands that John and his teaching, Baptist, was pivotal in Jesus development. John teaching that the kingdom was already here. Tolstoy understands that was the spark Jesus went into the desert and was inspired with the rest.

One can see that Tolstoy was appalled by the dis figuring gymnastics the church has gone through to achieve nearly every objective besides that of clearly putting forth, and yet first clearly understanding and seeing, the teachings of Jesus. Reconciling Jesus teachings with the entire Old Testament  certain that they are all consistent and Tolstoy says Jesus teachings were in entire refutation of what had come before.

Destroy understands that Jesus teaching was freedom from the law in the way that the butterfly becomes free of the caterpillar. The law was directive for a people that did not know God. Jesus teaching was to connect people with God with in which they didn't know. Liberated them to be dutiful agents of that creator within.

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