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Very very solitary, but one person, James, thank you, I commend you, another, James, you are inspiring....

Three days ago, in an all you can eat pizza bar that is extremely kind to me, huge vegetable selection, a gentleman, casually but neatly and expensively dressed, modified cowboy hat, respectfully approached as I was standing to leave. I hadn't noticed him up until then. I Am David, he said, I live in the area. I want to commend you, and thank you, for what you are trying to do. We shook hands and I told him that I very much appreciated his kind words. He wanted to know my last name and I happily told him. And that was it. I have no idea what he thinks I'm trying to do, but I get the sense he's been watching me for weeks. As I know others in the community have as well. Pretty hard not to see this Mission as it travels.
This morning, someone from whom I hear very rarely, on Facebook, James, you are inspiring.
Physically my life is profoundly solitary, I must be considered very unpleasant and anti-social by most that see me and some that approach. any who follow me can even see that in recent weeks I have Resurrected methods that I've used throughout my adulthood to increase my focus as my vision began to gain some clarity for a given situation. A result of these techniques is to increase my focus on some things and it causes that to be to the exclusion of other things. The great Souls dorothy day when she was very young published her first Catholic Worker newspaper and her closest associate, much older, probably much wiser, Peter Morin I believe his name was, absolutely excoriated her and she was crushed. he said, anything that is for everyone is of value to no one. She was crushed, she embraced the truth of what he said and greedily never made the mistake again.
Physically I am profoundly solitary more so every day. Spiritually, in soul, I am among the least solitary ever on earth. I experience all creatures as my family and for the joy of it devote myself to those that are not already soul dead, and literally dying to be Soul alive.
Yes, my life makes no difference, but comments that rarely occur like from those above, indicate that, well, not of no use whatsoever to everyone.
For the joy of it I will continue to do my best with my last breath, devoted to serving those poor souls, in solidarity, my family all.

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