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Ransoming Souls log. February 24th. Clients more satisfied than not. Sort of an autopilot day.

Most recent days have had the benefit of conscious competence, a fairly sharp ongoing sense of accountability to the clients. Today lacks that edge but unconscious competence kept us pretty much on track. Not many distractions. Fairly decent study of saving Paradise although the focus in the 4-Hour, 1600 calorie climb tonight was not as good as it has been recently. But some decent study took place. And some necessary distraction for keeping the human motor and Battery  strong took place. The repairs of recent days were proven very solid today and very satisfying. Much investment of time but indications are it was a good investment of time. And the new and final, 4th battery, to run in parallel with the other three, it really feels like a much more complete safe longtime vehicle now. This was an important investment in the future I'm quite sure. Wear on the current battery should be reduced by as much as a factor of a hundred or two hundred percent. These might last a lifetime now.
Weather is 10 or 15 degrees warmer it appears now and for the next two or three days which reduces stress on everything. It may well be the quite a bit of study will take place tomorrow, detailed annotation of the Brock Porter book, saving Paradise.
Love Hate is not the right way to describe my feelings of that book, but they'll suffice for now. Within that book is just extraordinary resource, examples of people that whether they knew it or not throughout history have substantially grasped and lived Jesus religion of unconditional Brotherhood. What a gift to my work to be able to mine that resource.
It was determined today that in fact a folder can be created in the cloud, has been created in the cloud and at some point will be made generally available where the few books that I deem extremely important, George vaillant, spiritual Evolution and Parker and Brock, saving Paradise, being immediate examples, those highly annotated PDF can be placed and accessed and the detailed annotation and comments read by anyone that is dying to do so. and whether or not anyone takes advantage of that I believe it is a tremendous way, a tremendous gift to my work, their books, that I can annotate, in a way rewrite, into what I think they would have intended and desired and most importantly what the world needs. Very glad to discover that this can be done. Although I am not using Adobe PDF for The annotation I found that the product I am using can be read in the free available Adobe PDF reader, with the various color highlights, and comments I hope, seeing as well.

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