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Ransoming Souls log. February 19th. Staggering under a blows but standing and moving forward.

  1. The blows are not intentional, but they're happening. We will survive Creator willing, and to the satisfaction of clients, Souls dying to be saved, a pretty good job of keeping focus on the mission is happening today.
  2. Much of the day was spent on wiring, and attempting to re-establish some of the crucial safety regenerative braking which went away with the failure of the vehicle brain, the cycle analyst. A replacement part was ordered and may well arrive tomorrow from Canada. Quickly it will be determined whether this solves the problem or not. It will or it won't. Will move on from there. But the vehicle is mobile and after today's work it is back in the realm of safety. The two front disc brakes, mechanical, on this steep terrain can slow but barely stop the vehicle. With the temporary repair made today on regenerative braking the system should be safe again.
  3.  this was an expensive day in terms of the time spent on these repairs but some of that expense was Justified on the basis that the vehicle has been so stable for so many months that it was important to take this opportunity to limber up the cerebral cortex, to brush off old skills and build new ones, to be better prepared for similar failures in the future.
  4. James completed and published among his most important contribution in terms of writing last night and today. A preliminary review of saving Paradise, Brock and Parker. Review published on this blog yesterday and updated today with a crucial update, number 6.
  5. James is reeling periodically from the unforeseen instant disintegration of a recent and extremely rare friendship. But he is not letting his pain distract him too much from the work, ransoming Souls, preparing to be effective at doing so.
  6. A top priority for the coming few days is to stabilize the vehicle, hopefully finding that this replacement part solves the problem, upgrading some further wiring connections, and doing a detailed annotation of saving Paradise both to identify the gems on which James needs to build going forward, and to more clearly identify the mind-melting 2000 year destruction of Jesus work in so many different ways, and secondly, how such Advanced Scholars as Parker and Brock can have given us so much and come up so disastrously short in terms of delivering what we needed. Bottom line, they contributed to burying the work of Jesus under yet more tonnage.
  7. Recent weeks there has been a periodic quite substantial pain in the outside of each foot. Only two days ago did it become clear that this has to do with the 4-Hour climb every couple of days. Not sure what's going on but an inexpensive alternative pair of cycling shoes has been ordered to arrive on Friday and that plus adjustment in how the shoes are tightened hopefully will alleviate the situation. Having the feet become inoperable would not be our first choice.

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