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Ransoming Souls log. February 17th. Very gratifying, solid progress in recent days. Important opportunities processed well.

  1. This collection of words, for Joy serve those poor souls, in solidarity, has a Clarity and completeness that no collection of words before me Pryor provided. A true north compass.
  2. Substantial distractions in recent days, very distressing disintegration of an important relationship, but not into hatred, or anger, but just disintegration. The brain of the vehicle, soul, died yesterday. That knocked out most of the regenerative braking which revealed that one of the two sets of disc brakes, the pads were gone and it appears that disaster was averted but time was required to effect repairs. With all that, my imagination of the clients, the needy Souls today and in the future, they saw that Focus was not lost, distractions did not escalate Beyond Bare necessity attention. This is substantial progress.
  3. Several needy Souls, needy being a virtue, needy indicating the soul is still alive in a troubled world, came across our path and we are not unhappy with the skills and knowledge that have been accumulated that could be brought to bear with some level of skill and effectiveness.
  4. Reasonably competent skills were brought to bear on the potential distractions to do with the vehicle.
  5. Reasonably effectively and financially Frugal step was taken to provide a battery situation that could literally last the life of the vehicle, many years.
  6. Audio study of saving Paradise, Brock and Parker, was all but completed in the four hour journey tonight. This is important progress in two respects,  sweeping scholarly look at four thousand years of so-called Christianity, and, major progress in terms of turning this exercise time, these arduous climbs in unbelievably beautiful land, into the study time that has always been the intention. This is very encouraging. This despite extremely difficult temperature situation. How frostbite was averted in the feet is a mystery because they certainly felt like they were gone.
  7. Possibly 20% of saving Paradise has been annotated in the PDF. James has highly promoted this book, yet it is a Minefield in addition to being a wealth of information. And as he did not long ago with spiritual Evolution, George vaillant, he intends to provide a detailed review so those that are interested have his view of how to avoid the landmines and find the gold.
  8. Sadly, but probably to be expected, the terrible failure of Brock and Porter, saving Paradise, is directly parallel to that of George vaillant, spiritual evolution. Like every creature they're doing the best they know. And they have done me a tremendous service. But they write about truths that are bigger than the ability of our cerebral cortex to understand, things that can be grasped only by our limbic system, our soul, but they show little evidence of having that Soul. That's not a criticism, it's not a condemnation, it's an observation. So the problem is although their cerebral cortex provides tremendous scholarship, they in effect colorblind to these paintings they are trying to show us. And it's extremely important to bear that in mind.
  9. Although due to equipment failure and adverse weather the every other day extreme exercise protecting this human battery and motor, was interrupted, it seems to be getting back on track with today being roughly 1400 calories of excellent workout.

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