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Ransoming Souls log. February 11th. Revelation about early Christians. Very affirming day.

  1. This log will be regrettably short, maybe expanded tomorrow. It is 9, a wonderful exhausting dangerous climb up the hill 4 hours, 1600 calories, 20 degrees Fahrenheit right now, and feeling in the left foot is back, sort of. Need to get into a sleeping bag soon.
  2. Saving Paradise, Parker and Brock, two sisters, is beyond revelation. The church the first 1,000 years included figures of Brilliance and goodness and honesty and creativity as important as those we know of in earlier years, Hillel, Jeremiah, Confucius, Buddha. Assuming that Brock and Parker are honest and as insightful and scholarly as they seem, and that is my assumption, this book is an extraordinary gold mine for those that wish to find earlier Giants of empowering the soul and liberating it from the tyranny of the head and flesh, cerebal cortex and hypothalamus respectively. Free download at This cannot be over stressed.
  3. There were many distractions today, not negative, but many distractions and better than any time in memory going back many many many months, the clients remained front-and-center much more than in many months, and James impulse control was much more effective.. Very encouraging.
  4. Despite how arduous and revelatory was today's cycling a good two and a half or three hours of the 4-Hour climb was very productive study time on the book just mentioned above. This is encouraging progress.
  5. The study by James, his arduous tedious preparation these many months was put to the test yesterday and today as two Dear very needy very capable Souls brought crises in his Direction. It may be that he was of some considerable help. This because of all the arduous preparation. Hence the ongoing progress noted in the metrics chart above.
  6. A sister of the soul that James has never met in person, only Facebook, we had a wonderful important Rich dialogue today.

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