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Log, Ransoming Souls. February Seven. Clients are disappointed but hanging in there.

Much less forward progress was made than desired. Hopefully lessons were learned to reduce the delays and impediments in the future. The delays? Keeping this body functioning effectively on the work in the face of very cold temperatures. Regarding this hopefully Lessons Learned included,
  1. do not let the boiler go out.
  2. Do not let the boiler go out. Core body temperature going down allowing the extremities to get cold.
  3. In the last half-hour of the cycling climb when the sun is behind the mountain and the wind picks up avoid severe heat loss attempting to do so with wind breaking clothing already in our possession.
  4. Maintain very very good hydration on the theory that low blood pressure makes heat transfer to the extremities very difficult.
  5. For reasons unknown Some Nights the feet will not get warm without extreme insulation. Stop trying to figure this out. Layer on the insulation immediately that the problem is in evidence to avoid Disturbed sleep that slows work the following day.
There was forward progress however,
  1. was updated with new sections from Karen Armstrong  on early flowering of moral Judaism, Christianity, Muhammad
  2. Karen Armstrong on Paul has been ordered, $5 on Kindle, to be downloaded tomorrow and prioritized for study. Her take on him as a important religious creator was a surprise and needs further exploration.
  3. Compared to a week ago progress continues with some backsliding on keeping the clients, not James impulses, front-and-center every breath.
  4. A routine of daily prioritizing and prioritizing for the coming days on the mission of ransoming Souls, is taking shape and showing sustainability.
  5. Some slight enhancement of the vision is reflected in new items on the priorities.
Outlook for tomorrow
  1. Devote the morning to the priorities up at the base of the mountain. Early to bed tonight for an early start tomorrow.
  2. Demonstrate Mastery of making the cold a non issue throughout tonight and tomorrow by implementing principles and practices learned last night and today.
  3. Secure various items to be used the following day in further stabilizing the vehicle, the new rear axle brackets, and some very inexpensive but important welding items to further stabilize motor and inverter cabling that it is still at times unstable.
  4. Demonstrate improved Mastery and discipline allowing the 3 hours cycling to be as ineffective as necessary such that it is automatic so the 3 hours most of it can be devoted to studying materials being read by the Android. Karen Armstrong's work on the first Christian writer, Paul, is likely to be the focus.

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