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Log. Ransoming soul. February 6th. Encouraging slow steady Improvement today.

  1. Definitely better impulse control today particularly in the morning from the time of Awakening. That's a difficult time when the habits are to get online and be indulging James impulses. That's not what James wants and it's not what the clients wants. It wants James to deliberately start with them in mind and keep it that way all day. definite Improvement for the first half of the day. Cycling is a bit of a distraction and attention is turned to study that is planned with the clients, but the acute Focus The Edge has lost a little bit. But overall a much better job of keeping the clients front-and-center today. Much room for improvement but there's a good chance that the Improvement will come.
  2. Work was done this morning asking the question, what did the clients need, not necessarily from James, what do they need. And also, a specialized to do list, photo above, what are James best priorities to work on for them right now? This is such important progress. Could I have begun this weeks or months ago? I'm not sure. I know that recent months and longer have been laying a foundation for it and it just feels good that it's happening. The investment of several days, forced by the weather, to be indoors helped with this shift and Improvement in focus.
  3. Slight but substantial Improvement in directing attention to the clients during the arduous Wonderful 3 hour 1400 calorie climb tonight. Several very important posts on Karen Armstrong were fired off during that time and probably half of the time was very good study time. This is important, encouraging, and there's a substantial chance that there will be steady progress.
  4. In this morning's planning James found a substantial Advance taking place next to his nervous system. That soon there are people with whom he is in contact where he sees sufficient sole that if they were to choose to do so they could begin helping him shape and improve the materials he has created and is in the process of creating. He put out a general notice along these lines and alerted particular individuals of promise.
  5. James was blessed with the opportunity to spend considerable time with one of his few dear personal friends in a situation where there was wonderful Mutual sharing going on but also some important junctures with this friend where the preparation the James works on slowly and methodically and tediously everyday show themselves to be work of value I believe to this friend. This is encouraging, gratifying, and why James exists.

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