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February 4. Logistics. Journal log. Ransoming souls from joylessness. Ongoing Journal

February 4th.
Days spent on mundane but crucial physical structural issues, receiving and resolving battery issues, escaping high winds up at the base of Mount Whitney, making final Arrangements of design, source, and availability of the potentially lethal cracked rear brace.

February 3rd.
Which is more important, the long planting and cultivation season or the first fruits? Equally important. But it sure is nice to begin to see the fruit. That's what today felt like after a long long long cold hard planting season.

It is late and James is exhausted but this will be at least a first attempt to try and capture some of it.

  1. Three sets of clients. James is in the business, proven nearly impossible by the best there have been over thousands of years, the business of ransoming the human soul from death and joylessness. And as he has written of late he is moving into accountability with his clients. In his imagination. Mindful he has been of thinking of the clients as the one in a million soul that is not dead but needs help, ransoming, to come to full fruition. But this group is too, those one-in-a-million alive today that conceivably could be reached in person, and those alive in the future that can be reached by stories and written material and, the all-important third group that only occurred to James today, those one-in-a-billion that he might help bring to flower as great Apostles of Soul, great teachers. Of the few people within James Circle of communication, at least several need to think about upping their game to be that kind of apostle.
  2. Fruits from the weeks of arduous study of the 200 phrases that Jesus probably spoke according to the scholars. Weeks now on James every-other-day climb up the mountain, and descent down the mountain, in ways he didn't understand he has had his application slow read each of those 200 phrases or passages. And he has done his best to try and Ponder those. It is very slow difficult work for him. In the hostel he wound up with two roommates and there was some dialog this morning. 1 a young professional man from France in the United States on three weeks of holiday. The other who James met in the last visit to the hostel, a local man, mid-50s, healing from shooting himself in the leg, yes, really, a nice fella tremendously different from James but they definitely like each other. Last night and this morning James kept to himself as per usual. Until he heard the other two, and the local fellow, say that he like Trump. James respectfully erupted into the conversation and saw that it was not unwelcome so he continued. And this interchange went on for probably half an hour and all three were glad of it. It was a sharing, and per usual, James was extremely intense. Such intensity part of what is missing and therefore de tested by the Trump supporters. They detest that Liberals are so f****** dispassionate. I am not dispassionate. In my caustic comments about Trump, in my respectful deriding of this man who was with me at how Trump is making him a fool, use of all that study of the man Jesus began to come forth very usefully and effectively from all that time of study. This was very encouraging and affirming.
  3. Per tonight's other ongoing Journal, cycling continues to become more intuitive and more automatic allowing much better use of the time in service of the clients enumerated above.

Exhaustion. Maybe more tomorrow. And toes are now freezing.

February 1st.

As per plan the day was spent in repair, maintenance, and the improvements. On the vehicle, the dwelling, office, mode of transportation, marketing tool of this mission. The rear wheel that does all of the propulsion and all of the breaking wears out with all this climbing after about six hundred miles, and that was 10 miles ago. And in this area where the mission may remain for many more months, every 2 days 3 hours of climbing takes place and the gearing has been such that a ridiculously low Cadence has been required of the operator. A $25 gear was ordered and installed at the same time as the tire repair. Electrical failures also were found and corrected, and a potentially absolutely catastrophic crack in the aluminum bracket that holds the all-important rear wheel was discovered. Has it been there one day or six months? It is a difficult to see the area and despite occasional inspection it was only discovered today. Some level of risk will be taken in driving the vehicle until it can be repaired. Tomorrow hopefully a strap, a steel strap can be secured that would at least mitigate catastrophic failure until the permanent fix is installed in the next week or so. Another 3 Hour project. In my imagination the clients understand, this was necessary work done as quickly as possible. They are desperately eager as am I to return to Greater focus on their needs as outlined in yesterday's journal entry. The forecast continues to be for weather that would substantially slow down work for the clients. Substantial Wind, and Rain. And cold. So it may well be the tomorrow night and possibly the following night the $35 a night hostel will be the place of work and rest. And if so laundry and hygiene will be on the list.

January 31st.

Continued Improvement today. Probably half of the time on today's 3 hour climb to the base of Mount Whitney, late afternoon, early evening, it was possible to devote at least half the time to deep thought attempting to imagine what the target population, the one in a million beings yearning to break free of their joyless cultural cocoon, to become the joyful LSGIA Beings they were born to be, at least half the time was spent in deep attempt to connect, in my imagination, with their needs, wants, desires. It was very fruitful and the attempt will be made regularly I expect. The basic message my imagination gave me, and I have an entire adulthood to affirm the value of this type of imagining, the central loud insistent plea, James, send us LSGIA Beings. Create real living examples for us. Be one yourself James. Or die trying. And where you cannot Inspire, facilitate, be a catalyst for, others, do what you can to give us the clearest possible look at the LSGIA Beings alive today, and throughout history. Bring them as close to us as you possibly can. There are other things you can do James, and we will continue discussing that, but Far and Away the most important is give us the real stuff. Example is not the major thing  in influencing people, it's the only thing, Albert Schweitzer. 

During the three-hour climb we also discussed, these imagined clients and I, my performance today and in recent days. I'm deeply troubled that I'm not making more progress more quickly, more helpful more quickly, and so are they but they realize I'm doing the best that I know and for now they're okay with that. Are they joyful for the help they're receiving from me? No. It's inconsequential. But they know I'm trying and they see potential. I agree.
I'm distressed with distractions from the central work of serving them, a rear tire that needs to be replaced, and the tire is in our possession, that will take much of tomorrow. The clients share the frustration but they understand it's necessary. They're pleased with the new graphics that were ordered today, for both the uniform and the front and rear of the vehicle. The graphics were shared in yesterday's entry. Below. They are distressed at the $600 order for a new lithium-ion battery but they appreciate that research was done to assure that it was the minimum possible expenditure for the power and quality required, and they understand that this vehicle is a reasonably affordable base of operations for this mission. And that the four year old battery which is now failing rapidly, stuff happens.

As to the uniform and vehicle graphics, they are pleased as am I, that the vehicle and I become quite a bit more potent at communicating, throwing out the lure if you will, that the one in a million might be touched and brought into dialogue.

We began exploring something else that is a concern to me, the amount of time I continue to spend reading and Publishing news and commentary on Facebook. We simply need to keep watching the amount of time that that takes and see if that time is Justified.
There may be another $35 expenditure required tomorrow night, as high winds and rain and snow are forecast. But it is borderline, and as per usual we may be able to stay up on the mountain for free. Will decide tomorrow.

Now the first entry. Explanation of journal and first entry.
As mundane is it may be, a log was begun several weeks ago, post below, to track journal entries regarding the three hours of intense cycling that are conducted every two days to keep the human battery and motor somewhat operational. The recent week or so have been quite productive so every couple of days there are journal entries both to solidify advances that occur, in my nervous system to solidify conscious competence, and hopefully there by to prevent backsliding, and or more speedy recovery if all of a sudden this old body forgets everything as it seems to do periodically. No offense old body, you're doing a fabulous job.
It is expected that this post will have a similar life, everyday or periodically receiving an update for similar reasons and to share with anyone in the like unlikely event that they might find the way that this old nervous system is possibly moving from a necessary cocoon and larvae stage toward butterfly.

January 29th.

 Slight but substantial positive moment movement today as is characteristic as this nervous system moves from long periods of tedious arduous preparation and a sense of vision and direction begins to emerge.

In part aided by this ongoing self-monitoring mechanism above, that which gets measured tends to improve, many hours today received an intensified Focus on the mission and Target population beyond what has been occurring in recent weeks. Maybe in many many months. This would not have been possible without the many months of preparation. But as the caterpillar having eaten enough leaves can emerge into something new that's sort of what's Happening Now. Quite sure.  Have been through this cycle many many many many times, has James. 

Some vague outlines that begin to emerge in hours of productive thought during the three-hour climb from town this afternoon include the following.
James using himself as a case study at least to guide his research, development, and writing, and maybe as useful material itself. 0 credit to himself James experiences that there is much in his way of being that he is profoundly grateful for and would gladly give his life to share. Where did it come from? Why is it there? Why wasn't it there sooner? How much was there from the beginning? What could have accelerated this for James? Intensified it? What delayed it? What threatened that it would exist today within him? James suspects that this will be very fertile ground.
This reflection caused James to recall that this was very much the work of Abraham Maslow, identifying a population throughout history that he considered the most healthy and trying to understand at least their characteristics and possibly, though I don't recall clearly, possibly the Genesis of that. So it may be time to delve back into study of Maslow which for James occurred substantially in college, and then in his two years of self-study after he left industry in the 1998 time frame.
Similarly, pedram Sorokin, founder of the school of Sociology at Harvard, an immigrant from war-torn Eastern Europe or Russia as I recall, much of his late in life work was at the center that he established and headed at Harvard focused on the study of altruism, also called unconditional loving. His work is ponderous and tedious and way to Visionary for the field that he created which has denigrated been dismissed him ever since. Academia use of the cerebral cortex, Vision, intuition, creativity is something they hate because it is of the brain that they have squashed within themselves, their soul, their mammalian brain, the limbic system. But not Sorokin. His book the ways and Power of Love is a ponderous exhaustive study all of those people throughout history that he deemed to be extremely altruistic and he exactly try to answer the question, how did they get this way? I remember being less than convinced with much of what he had to say but very enlightened by much as well and it probably will be soon that that work needs to be Revisited by James.
Also coming to mind in this train of thought is the so-called 40 assets model used by wealthy communities to structure their response to a local teen suicide. It is extraordinary Rich material and figures into increasing ability 2 redeem Souls from joylessness.
Thought also was given briefly 2 location of James in the foreseeable future. Much of the last two years traveling through the northern United States, down the West Coast, then North and South again somewhat inland was to increase the visibility and availability of the nervous system for which James takes no credit but the way of being that his life is devoted to trying to share. Part of James is beginning to feel a strong urge to resume that. But this Lone Pine area is so near perfect, he knows of no place he would rather be in the world right now for his work, that it is also true that by remaining in an area for a while in a way that to increases availability and visibility at least psychologically. And James is most likely to even redouble his efforts to be such a good citizen in this little area that no one wants him to leave and is glad that he's here. This development in James mine today was unexpected but makes quite a bit of sense.
Earlier in the day time was spent in a coffee shop while the vehicle gathered what little daylight there was today through clouds, preparing to order graphics which can be a tremendous help in increasing the clarity, availability, lure, and concept proliferation. Almost certainly tomorrow graphics for the front and rear of the vehicle will be ordered, shockingly inexpensive, about $15 each, and a new hoodie and sleeveless shirt which will at least allow an affordable prototyping for James daily 7/24 uniform. 

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