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Update. Very important mission progress, possibly. If it doesn't kill you you grow, and we're not dead yet.....

1. My dealing with people. When people approach me very often it is a harsh encounter for them. Most who approach want to be entertained, that's their right, but it's my right to not spend my time entertaining them. I never seek to offend and I avoid it to the degree I see how. Although I have yet to try this it occurred to me today how to see and speak the truth in a way that might be much more productive than I have seen how to do now. "Friend, please take no offense, but I'm dealing with a series of emergencies here. Everything anyone wants to know about the vehicle is at my website, the first thing that comes up if you Google start loving." I am dealing with a serious of emergencies. This is where I choose to live, every breath. The world is and has been for decades a Cascade of unfolding emergencies. I believe that life is found only in the face of those. And that's where I have planted myself my entire adulthood as best I could see how. But I have not thought to speak this to those that approach me wanting entertainment. I think it's going to be a big help.

2. Crushing financial situation with the vehicle, moving further into debt with a tiny Ray of Hope. A friend of the mission has stepped up with some funding that will go a substantial part way toward dealing with the failure of the major battery and almost all of the solar panels again. In addition one of my two credit card companies, my owners, I am in a position for a very low interest situation for some number of months. So by going more deeply into debt gambling that in fact the vehicle is becoming more stable, Maybe infinitely more stable almost, it's a roll of the dice and we'll either die or maybe survive. Time will tell.

3. Passport, travel schedule. Additional documentation had been requested, understandably given my facial tattoos and years of dropping out of the system in Washington DC Etc, and Friday I confirmed that the documentation has been received by them. They know I am trying to get into Canada August 7th and apparently they try and work around such dates. Middle of next week a clearer picture should emerge. If I do get a passport which I expect to that still leaves the question of whether I am on lists from my years of activism in DC and standing rock that will cause them to prevent my going into Canada at the border. That will be interesting to see.

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