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Update. Major repair, recovery, and preventive work on the electrical system.....

Update. Major repair, recovery, and preventive work on the electrical system.

This is an experimental vehicle, we have few if any like it in the country or in the world right now. It has taught very much about where the limits are and where the needs are and it keeps on teaching. It seems to be trying to kill me but with the decency of a few people that help the mission it has not killed us yet.

Recent days and another set of coming days, maybe another five or six, are being spent repairing, recovering, and doing preventive electrical work to do with solar panels, batteries, wiring.

If there were a team of us, adequate funding, stable suitable testing facilities this process would have happened quite a while ago and would be happening much faster now. And all of it would have considerably more certainty. Having said that under the circumstances I think the few people involved can feel that were all doing rather good work.

The work and Investments being made are not a matter of just doing more of the same. Further Investments and efforts are taking place only based on learning that failures thu's far provide. We may well be at the light at the end of the tunnel. Without question we are getting much closer. Solar panels have been failing and almost certainly it is due to either the shocks and vibrations of this form of transportation, possibly major design flaws from the solar panel manufacturer (a new manufacturer is now being tried) , and possibly electrical spikes in this complex vehicle, and within a week that latter cause will be protected against with new diodes, and additional measures are being taken to eliminate the issue of vibration and shock. And regarding the battery failure which amazes leading Engineers, they don't understand it, within a week there will be new protective measures, diodes, protecting the existing and soon new battery.

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