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The young man wrote, "James, what the actual fuck are you doing other than riding around and pissing and moaning all the time on Facebook? If you spent....

The young man wrote, "James, what the actual fuck are you doing other than riding around and pissing and moaning all the time on Facebook? If you spent as much time making a difference, as you do on this platform, you might actually make a difference. Dude, I’m so sick of watching you talk shit over and over and over, and then point fingers, blaming everyone else. Shut the fuck up and actually do something. You’re such a hypocrite." Years ago the young man had encountered me in Washington where I was advocating in front of the White House 12 hours a day and I think his impression of me was very favorable. It seems he has actively watched my Facebook feed ever since. He has become quite the Trump fan and a month ago was horrified by something I wrote about Trump and we had what seemed to be a honest and constructive interchange although he certainly was not swayed to my viewpoint. His comment above was on another post that was scathing of the vile creature dump. I chose to reply to him, well, I guess you're not a fan of Jesus. He replied, you maybe his hands and feet, but you are not his mouth. I chose to block the young man on second thought because I've had a prior interchange turn into the individual complaining to Facebook about my page and getting me blocked for many days. I periodically ask myself similar questions to what the young man raised. But I have come to a different conclusion, although sadly. Sadly because my early adult decades were spent in the World of Concrete achievements which at the time I thought was what was needed. His purpose was to hurt, to express anger, but also to to express his hurt. to a degree he lives in the world that I used to inhabit, the material world, and the world of our cultures values. No, I'm not getting metaphysical here. I am getting psychological. You or I will never know if we are other than and energy stream in The Matrix. Neo did not do his fighting in the material world, but in The Matrix where it needed to be done. This young man's notion of Jesus is the prevailing notion, that he is to be worshipped, and the words written attributed to him spoken by rote. I understand Jesus differently than that. He found his father within himself, unconditional love for all of creation and he lived and died to  reawaken, to bring to life,  to save, that same father and to channel That father into the world. This is what I try to do, this is all I want to do, this is my only hope for the world, or for any individual. And to almost all or maybe all it looks like foolishness, hypocrisy. Your life is your message, said Gandhi. My life is my message. My life is seeing the existential truths as carefully and clearly and honestly as I can, speaking those truths, living those truths, living is close to a perfectly sustainable lifestyle as I can see how to do, trying to do my part of Saving the one in a million Souls that can still be saved, saving them from the living death that was my existence most of my decades, channeling what goodness, particularly goodness here in nature, back into the world. And unceasingly asking of myself and Creator and the cosmos, how I can better serve. Seriously, this realm of the psychological in which I fight Rich this young man finds so incomprehensible, is very much how I built a materially prosperous executive life in Hi-Tech. Ultimately I work with people's Souls, people's spirits, trying to create opportunities where those Souls could find an extraordinary Outlet and then running interference and doing what I could to inspire to make that connection happen.

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