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Quite possibly one of the most productive days of this mission. And quite enjoyable. Kettleman Village to Passo....

Quite possibly one of the most productive days of this mission. And quite enjoyable. Kettleman Village to Passo.... Robles? 7 miles left to the trip. 3200 feet of climbing,  about 60 miles of travel. Some harrowing parts of this high-speed Highway but most of it luxurious clean wide shoulders with huge drive by having little else to do but look at and Ponder this tiny little vehicle as they speed by. Flawless performance at the vehicle. Near 0 cooperation from the Sun in weeks on the first day in weeks when it really really would have been helpful. LOL. Extraordinary cooperation LOL, by the powers-that-be. Unless and until this vehicle has regenerative braking it is The Descent on Long climbs that is particularly miserable because it does nothing but waste energy putting it into heated and or melted brakes. The exception to that is a descent grade of 4% or less where when wind drag keeps the vehicle speed at a manageable 28 miles per hour or less without using much brakes. But at that speed vehicle is at least slightly unstable and on a narrow shoulder even if the grade would allow it prudence does not. So brakes are burned up to keep it at 12 miles an hour. And on the climb, a 2000 foot climb, the most significant on the trip they were working on the roads, putting down lines. Sew a flag person was stopping traffic One Direction or the other for maybe 10 minutes or more. Single-lane. So for many miles the traffic that was climbing with me was confined to one lane of this highway. Maybe by law I should have been in that lane as well but that would have been terrible. So I decided to use the other wise beautiful Lanes including the bicycle lane for myself. It was glorious! And it provided quite a slow-moving eyeful to those climbing alongside me. When I reach the top, a bit fatigued and very wet and it was chilly I anticipated stopping for a while and putting on my sweatshirts. But immediately I realized that next to me going my direction was no one and nothing. Silence. There was the possibility that my upcoming Lane was stopped behind me and that I would have a long time  many minutes I would totally open Lane and would not have to burn up my brakes. And that's exactly what happened for maybe 10 minutes. Absolutely fabulous. Now, in the last half-hour of this trip, the sun is out. So low on the horizon that it is doing absolutely no good. Just laughing at me. And per my just Pryor post I feel like I've cracked a major code. Today was a very powerful fluid output of this body. Very satisfying. The code  I cracked by the way is one that I now remember deciphering several months ago and I'm also aware that somehow for the last month I've totally forgotten it. Quite amazing.

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