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Who or what is in control, is a horribly consequential thing, no? Some, of all ages, totally freak out if.....

Who or what is in control, is a horribly consequential thing, no?

Some, of all ages, totally freak out if they personally are not in control. Others, of all ages, totally freak out if some strong man, some Authority, an "expert," a "visionary," is not in control telling them what to do. Some freak out if institutional sorts of things are not in control, Academia, science come to mind.

I freak out when any of these are in control. At least on consequential things I do. I freak out.

I trust none of these things when they are in control.

What I trust in control is the human soul, The Souls of human beings, totally subordinating themselves to the well-being of the neediest among them, and hopefully, needfully, passionately devoted to a well-developed, mutually developed, vision of how to serve the larger Collective. I totally freak out when this is not the case, if what is it steak is consequential, and I never involve myself in anything less.

As a Young, Junior, executive in a large computer company I was told that yes, after all my whining, they would support correcting a large Consulting Group in the Pennsylvania area that served the national market for which I was responsible, if I would go and take charge of it. This was a terrifying Prospect. The group was literally hated throughout the country. It was going to take a miracle to turn this around and there was no time.

I remember marching into this room where most of these executive Consultants were far more senior and had far more years than I. I told them, I am not in charge here. What is in charge here is the mission that we have developed to serve our clients and our company. The one we have all just spent weeks in dialogue, expensive and painful dialogue, developing. If you are looking to me or some person to be in charge, "the " leader, this is not the right Organization for you any longer.

There was confused silence. But in not too many hours or days when they saw that I meant it, there was an explosion of energy, creativity, passion, proactivity, Effectiveness, and joy. These were decent people that had been told that they worked for a general manager prior, and that their job was to make money. When they saw that I meant what I said, through my actions, they experienced being profoundly empowered, respected, freed to fully utilize their abilities, to harness their souls their hearts their minds to serve other people.

In three months time this large organization went from being the most hated, to among the most revered groups in the company, as measured through extensive surveys.

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