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My prayer, this International Day of Prayer for our water, for standing Rock: Creater, it seems to be your way to reveal yourself on pure blank things. You.....

My prayer, this International Day of Prayer for our water, for standing Rock:

Creater, it seems to be your way to reveal yourself on pure blank things. You revealed yourself in a pure blank Universe now filled with multitude. On a clear blank Earth now filled with multitude but diminished by our two-legged mass destruction. Your great artists who reveal you on pure blank canvases. You reveal yourself each year emerging through pure white snow in the spring and summer time.

For us two Leggeds, though it seems cruel to us, you gift some of your two-legged with the infinitely joyful privilege of becoming pure, of becoming innocent, of becoming cleansed, such that they can be again your canvas, but this time painted, tormented, destroyed, with the savagery, cruelty, insanity of some of we, most of we, two-leggeds so that our savagery can show itself that all of us might choose a different path.

You at certain times in history  have cleansed souls and brought them together on a bridge in Selma. You cleansed such soles and brought them to a square, tahrir Square, in Egypt. To a salt works in India .  You cleansed a soul Malala in Pakistan. You brought and cleansed Souls at Standing Rock and brought them into a river to let the horror of Empire clearly etch itself.

And it seems you so cleansed all these Souls that they understood themselves as Souls in a simple vessel and they were glad to offer their vessel as a canvas for the savagery of our society to paint itself that the perpetrators might see, that the billions of sleeping on Lookers might see in time to turn away from Armageddon for all future children.

Creator, if I am seeing clearly through your grace, then, if it is your will, make of each and every one of us that remain at Oceti, at sacred stone, at Rosebud, and each that you bring here, each and every one of us each and every breath, make of us that pure vessel for your spirit, that knows it is pure spirit, and that gladly offers its vessel, each and every one of us, every breath, to be used as that Canvas, even if painted with, prisoned, even if cruelly destroyed, gladly, that the next seven generations possibly have a planet that can provide a decent life, and that each and every child ever born on a broken planet or not, has the opportunity to see what You look like, because you are Love, you are Unarmed Truth, you are Unconditional Love, and each of us that fulfills this prayer becomes that prayer for a child in the first generation or the 7th generation or Beyond of being reminded of what you look like and are thereby given the opportunity to return to your loving Embrace, your infinitely joyful, infinitely peaceful Embrace,  here on Earth, regardless of what is materially in-store.

James, who lives only to be your servant, if even so poorly.

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